America doesn’t need more guns. It needs more people to Live Unloaded. Join the movement.

To stop gun violence, we need to tell a different story about guns.

Guns make us less safe.


It's simple - guns make us less safe.

Firearms are the leading cause of death for children and teens in America. Still, most young people say that they’re open to getting a gun and believe the myth that having one will make them safer. To end our gun violence crisis, we must tell a different story about guns – one that’s rooted in the facts. Project Unloaded is changing gun culture and empowering young people to make a data-backed decision to keep themselves and their loved ones safe from gun violence.


Project Unloaded’s SNUG campaign reaches teens on the social media platforms where they spend their time with a simple message: we’re Safer Not Using Guns. And it’s working.

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The Youth Council is an essential part of everything we do at Project Unloaded, from our campaigns to our social media posts and our community engagement strategy.

10 members of Project Unloaded's youth council standing in two rows, smiling.
Nine members of Project Unloaded's youth council sitting at two tables facing one another. One male member stands and speaks to the others.

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To turn the page on gun violence, we must tell a different story about guns. With your help, we can grow our work and save lives.