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The mission of Project Unloaded is to create a new cultural narrative that guns make us less safe.

It’s simple – the evidence shows that guns make us less safe. Firearms are the leading cause of death for children and teens in America, yet 75% of young people believe the myth that the presence of a gun makes them safer. A majority of young people say they are open to buying a gun in the future – but the facts clearly show that more guns only lead to more gun violence. Project Unloaded is changing gun culture by empowering young people to make a data-backed decision to keep themselves and their loved ones safe from gun violence.

Our Theory of Change

Research shows that teens and young adults are forming opinions and making decisions about guns. Through creative and cultural campaigns, Project Unloaded provides accurate information about gun violence to inspire the next generation to choose on their own terms not to own and use guns.

SNUG is the first of many campaigns by Project Unloaded.

Help Stop Gun Violence

To turn the page on gun violence, we must tell a different story about guns. With your help, we can grow our work and save lives.