America doesn’t need more guns. It needs more people to Live Unloaded. Join the movement.

Our Impact

Project Unloaded launched in 2022 with one goal in mind: to reduce gun violence by changing gun culture.  Since our launch, we’ve reached more than a million young people with the facts about gun violence and the risks of using guns, and we’re proving that a positive, empowering message can shift views. With gun deaths rising every year, our work has never been more urgent, and we’re demonstrating every day that this work can make a difference.


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of young people move away from the idea that guns make us safer after hearing about gun risks

In our first year we:

Reached more than one million young people on TikTok and Snapchat with the message that they’re Safer Not Using Guns (SNUG)

Released a first-of-its-kind survey on Gen Z members’ experience with gun violence and views on guns

Launched our first youth council with 12 young people from across the country who helped develop campaigns and advised on social media and community partnerships

Read Our Annual Report

In January 2022, Project Unloaded launched with a bold idea and a simple message: We can reduce gun violence by changing gun culture and sharing the message that we’re safer without guns. Read about our progress (spoiler alert: we did a lot!), and know that we’re just getting started.