America doesn’t need more guns. It needs more people to Live Unloaded. Join the movement.


Through creative cultural campaigns, Project Unloaded establishes safe spaces for open conversations about guns and provides accurate information about gun violence and the risks of using guns to inspire the next generation to choose on their own terms not to own and use guns.


The SNUG (Safer Not Using Guns) campaign educates and empowers teens through simple facts about gun violence absent partisan or polarizing rhetoric. The campaign, which launched in January 2022, reaches teens in the (virtual) places where they spend their time: Social meda platforms like TikTok, Instagram and Snapchat. SNUG reaches young people via native content, influencer campaigns and targeted ads.

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of teens shifted against the idea that guns made them safer after seeing the SNUG pilot campaign
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Teens have engaged with SNUG social media content
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More than 80% of comments on SNUG influencer posts are positive

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To turn the page on gun violence, we must tell a different story about guns. With your help, we can grow our work and save lives.