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Fewer guns.
Safer communities.

With Your Support, Teens Can Inspire Change Where They Live

Your Donation Allows Project Unloaded to Reach More Teens with the Message That More Guns Make Us Less Safe.

Everyone deserves to live in a community safe from gun violence. That’s why Project Unloaded works with young people each and every day to dispel the myth that guns make them safer with a simple, potent message: We’re Safer Not Using Guns. And our approach is working.  About 20% of young people move away from interest in gun use after seeing our campaigns or participating in our community partnerships. But this work is only possible with your partnership.

$25 Reaches 5,000 teens online with the message that Guns Change the Story

$55 Funds a day of programming for our student community partner program

$100 Sponsors a Youth Council member’s work for 6 weeks

Meet the Young People Making a Difference

Shiven Patel

A shooting occurred in the parking lot of a football game my school was participating in and I ended up realizing how real the problem of gun violence is in America. The fundamental culture surrounding guns in America needs to change. We can create change and help my generation improve their future by showing them it’s better to live unloaded.

Esha Ambre

The increased use of social media and youth turnout for social issues such as changing gun culture makes me hopeful for what the future will bring. By using social media platforms like TikTok and Instagram, the civil discourse on topics like gun culture increases, and, in turn, the number of educated people increases.

Edgar Vilchez

I joined Project Unloaded’s Youth Council because I want to change the story for my generation and those that follow me. Everybody should grow up feeling safe where they live and where they learn. And no one’s story should end with a bullet.

Lily Lee-Sin

Young people know that this problem isn’t going away and we know that adults won’t solve it for us. While many of us are still too young to vote or run for office, we do run culture. If we leverage our power as young people to change gun culture, we can save thousands of families from the heartbreak and trauma of gun violence.

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