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The Guardian/The Trace: Friends Don’t Let Friends Buy Guns

Public health messaging once convinced young people to buckle up and stop smoking. In the TikTok era, a new set of activists is clarifying the dangers posed by firearms. BY KATIE WORTH Once upon a time in America, people rolled their eyes at seatbelts, four out of ten high school students smoked cigarettes, and campers […]

WBEZ: Chicago teens help create a campaign to prevent gun violence

A new campaign from the gun violence prevention group Project Unloaded has a key message for teens: “Just one gun can change the story.” By Max Lubbers “While I was out, my little brother snuck into my room and found my ____.” “I knew he was feeling ____. I didn’t know he had gotten a ____.” […]

Scripps: Gun use on television was down during the writers’ strike

BY MEGHAN LOPEZ DENVER — From Western movies to true crime series, firearms have been a normal part of American entertainment culture for many decades. However, a group of young people is trying to change that. They’re called Project Unloaded and they have spent years looking into the use of guns on television. Watch the piece and […]