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Gun Owners are Starting to Give Up Their Guns Following the Uvalde Mass Shooting

Homes and Communities with Fewer Guns Experience Less Gun Violence, According to Numerous Studies

Texas is Home to More Guns than Any Other State; It Also Leads the Nation in Gun Deaths

CHICAGO —  After a mass shooting at an elementary school in Uvalde, Texas on Tuesday, some gun owners are going to social media and local news outlets to announce that they’re giving up their guns. 

“Americans have been conned into believing that guns make us safer,” said Nina Vinik, founder and executive director of Project Unloaded. “In reality, the presence of a gun puts the gun owner and everyone around them at greater risk of experiencing harm. When guns are removed from a home, members of the family are less likely to experience homicide, suicide or accidental shootings. We’re all safer not using guns, and it’s our mission at Project Unloaded to reach every young person in America with that essential message.”

Research showing that guns make us less safe:

  • Homicide risk: The risk of homicide is three times higher when there are guns in the home. 

  • Suicide risk: Access to a firearm triples one’s risk of death by suicide. This elevated risk applies not only to the gun owner, but to everyone in the household.

  • Mass shootings: There are more mass shootings in states with higher rates of gun ownership and looser gun laws.

  • School shootings: Guns used in about 68% of school shootings were taken from the home of the shooter or their relative. Choosing to live without guns helps schools stay safe.

  • Community-based and police violence: In communities where guns are more readily available, you’re more likely to be the victim of a police-involved shooting, mass shooting, and community-based violence.


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