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Nashville Mass Shooting Shows Deadly Toll of America’s Gun Culture

Three Children and Three Staff Members Killed in Mass Shooting at Nashville Elementary School

NASHVILLE – This morning’s classes at the Covenant School in Nashville, Tennessee ended in tragedy when a heavily armed former student fatally shot six people—including three 9-year-old children—before being killed by police.  Today’s massacre is one of 130 mass shootings so far this year, according to the Gun Violence Archive.

“With the vicious attack at the Covenant School in Nashville today, we see the terrible consequence of America’s destructive gun culture and the deadly threat it poses to our children,” said Nina Vinik, founder and executive director of Project Unloaded. “How many more parents have to lose children before we acknowledge that guns are the problem?  We need to stop perpetuating the myth that guns make us safe and say – loudly and clearly – that our nation will be safer only when it is home to fewer of them.”


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