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Tik Tok Campaign to Change Gun Culture Expands for Second Year

As Child Gun Deaths Reach Record Levels, Project Unloaded Uses Social Media to Reach Teens with the Message That They Are Safer Not Using Guns

CHICAGOProject Unloaded, an organization working to change gun culture, today announced the second phase of its Tik Tok campaign to educate teens about the risks of guns. Data from the first year of the Safer Not Using Guns (SNUG) campaign showed that 17% of teens shifted their views against owning guns after hearing messages about the risks of gun ownership.

Despite overwhelming evidence around the dangers of firearms, America’s deadly gun culture persists. Gun ownership is increasing even as more Americans are being harmed by firearms, and guns are now the leading cause of death for children and teens. The SNUG campaign recognizes that teens are still formulating their opinions on guns and uses approachable, fact-based content to reach young people with the facts on gun violence. The message of the campaign is clear: everyone is safer not using guns.

This year, Project Unloaded is expanding SNUG’s reach with a new ad campaign, updated website and more influencer partnerships. The new paid ad campaign features members from its youth council, high school and college students across the country who are strong advocates for gun violence prevention. The updated SNUG website also features the youth council members and other new content.

“As recent tragedies this year alone have proven, we must do more to change our fatal gun culture so not one more life is lost to this senseless violence,” said Nina Vinik, founder and executive director of Project Unloaded. “Through the message of Safer Not Using Guns, we’re sharing the facts with those most affected by gun violence so they can make the choice not to own firearms—and save lives in the process.”

The national campaign is active this year in 12 cities across the US: Atlanta, Charlotte, Denver, Houston, Indianapolis, Milwaukee, Minneapolis, Phoenix, Pittsburgh, Sacramento, Seattle, and Tampa. Last year, Project Unloaded reached more than one million young people on Tik Tok and Snapchat with the SNUG campaign and message that they are not safer using guns.

To learn more about Project Unloaded, please visit www.projectunloaded.org.

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