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Chicago Sun-Times: Gen Z is spreading the word on guns: ‘They’re the problem, not the solution’

One way we young people are trying to end gun violence is through social media campaigns that help explain to our generation why guns make them less safe.

By Edgar Vilchez, Project Unloaded Youth Council

Your high school statistics class takes a break outside. Everyone walks a few blocks off campus, soaking up the fresh air. Suddenly, you hear a bang. Everyone sprints. In the chaos, you see your classmate clutching his face, covered in blood.

That afternoon in Belmont-Cragin was two years ago, and it wasn’t my first experience with gun violence — but it was the experience that triggered me into advocacy.

Growing up, my friends and I were taught to stay aware of our surroundings. Our families avoided late-night outings. Curfew was mandatory. As the oldest in a first-generation immigrant family, I also did my best to keep my younger brother safe. Yet heightened vigilance only goes so far, and young people across the country cite gun violence as a top concern.

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