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CNY Central: Young activist reflects on the 67th mass shooting, only two months into 2023

by Morgan Scott

Syracuse, N.Y. — Arusha Ramaswamy of Fayetteville-Manlius High school is only 15 years old, but by joining multiple activist organizations like Project Unloaded–she’s already made it her mission to educate Central New Yorkers on the potential dangers of owning a gun.

“Gun violence is the number one killer of kids and teens,” said Ramaswamy. “That is insane to me. The normalization of gun violence in our country is a huge issue culturally. How have we allowed ourselves to become so normalized to elementary school children being shot in a place they should feel safe?”

Watch the story: https://cnycentral.com/news/local/young-activist-reflects-on-the-63rd-mass-shooting-only-two-months-into-2023

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