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HuffPost: I Sat Next To A Gun ‘Fanatic’ On A Plane. When I Told Him What My Job Is, Things Got Interesting.

“Seeing an opening, I asked Rick what he believed should be done.”


On a recent flight, I found myself seated next to a man I’ll call Rick, who was keen for conversation.

We established that we are both lawyers. Rick works for the government, and I explained that I lead a gun violence prevention organization. Rick took that as an invitation to talk about guns.

A self-described “2A [Second Amendment] fanatic” from Texas, Rick grew up with guns and today owns more than 40 firearms. He considers himself a collector, and many of his guns are antiques — he’s not interested in assault-style firearms — and he makes his own ammunition from recycled casings. In short, Rick is a gun guy, and I was interested in his views on gun violence.

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