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Reckon: Why Project Unloaded believes ‘guns make us less safe’ as the Surgeon General declares gun violence a public health crisis

By Alexis Wray

Firearms are the leading cause of death for children and adolescents in America. Because of the gun violence epidemic, groups like Project Unloaded believe that “where there are more guns, children and teens are less safe.”

Project Unloaded, a gun violence prevention group, works with young people across the country to shift the culture around guns.

“We are working to change culture and change the way that people think about guns in our country,” Olivia Brown, Project Unloaded’s program manager, told Reckon.

Read more: https://www.reckon.news/news/2024/07/why-project-unloaded-believes-guns-make-us-less-safe-as-the-surgeon-general-declares-gun-violence-as-a-public-health-crisis.html

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