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Texas Elementary School Paid the Price for the State’s Guns for Everyone, Anywhere Culture

Texas is Home to More Guns than Any Other State; It Also Leads the Nation in Gun Deaths

CHICAGO —  On Tuesday, at least 19 elementary school students and two educators were shot and killed at a school in Uvalde, Texas. It is the 21st mass shooting in Texas this year, according to the Gun Violence Archive.

“Once again, the 400 million guns in America have failed to make our families safer,” said Nina Vinik, founder and executive director of Project Unloaded. “As gun companies make a killing, our children are being killed. The research is clear that places with fewer guns have less gun violence and sadly, Texas leads the nation in number of guns and number of gun deaths. We must finally dispel the myth that guns make us safer and empower the next generation to choose to live without them. We can’t accept this body count as normal.”


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