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Elite Daily: The Number of Gen Zers Who’ve Experienced Gun Violence Is, Uh, Not Good

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Gun violence in the United States is way too common — so common, in fact, that it’s directly touched the lives of millions of teens and young adults across the country. According to a new survey from gun safety education organization Project Unloaded, released on Sept. 28, a troubling number of Gen Zers say they’ve had direct experience with gun violence in some form. Everyone knew it was bad, but these numbers really drive the point home.

According to the survey, 30% of the teens and young adults polled had experienced gun violence personally, while another 24% know a friend or family member who has. The survey separated these experiences into categories like being shot at directly, experiencing a mass shooting, experiencing an accidental shooting, or experiencing a gun brought to a school or workplace. Even in individual categories, the answers were troubling: More than one-quarter of the respondents said that they or someone they knew personally had been shot at. Meanwhile, 10% of those who responded said they or someone they knew had experienced a school shooting.

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