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The Trace: Young People Fear Gun Violence, But Also Think Guns May Keep Them Safe

A new survey explores Gen Z’s perception of gun violence and its effect on their daily lives.

By Fairriona Magee

Nearly a third of young people say they have experienced gun violence personally, and more than half say they think about mass shootings at least once a week, according to a new survey published on September 28.

The survey, published by Project Unloaded, a nonprofit organization that seeks to approach gun violence prevention through narrative and cultural change with teens and young adults, also found that while fear of gun violence is substantial, most young people feel that guns are a source of protection. But when presented with facts that show that having a gun actually increases the risk of death or injury, young people shifted their opinion by an average of 17 percentage points. 

Among some demographic groups, including people between the ages of 13 and 17, a majority of respondents said that guns made them less safe after receiving information about the risks of firearm ownership.

Read more: https://www.thetrace.org/2022/09/youth-study-mass-shooting-mental-health/

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