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The Charlotte Post: Project Unloaded aims to reset gun message among young

by Cameron Williams

Project Unloaded utilizes social media to help teens understand neighborhoods are safer without guns.

Taylor Maxwell, the initiative’s director of marketing and communications, says teens are more likely to hear their message than older adults who already have their own firm set of beliefs.

“We started a little over two years ago,” Maxwell said, “and we started because of a simple myth that is that most people believe that having a gun makes them safer, when in reality places with guns are less safe and neighborhoods with guns tend to have more gun violence. We know that adults are not likely to change their views on things, but teenagers are different. They are used to getting facts and often changing their minds as a result.”

Read more: https://www.thecharlottepost.com/news/2024/05/23/local-state/project-unloaded-aims-to-reset-gun-message-among-young/

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